Creating Engaging
Content For The Digital Spaces

We create unique content that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Our Mission

Lasserk was founded in 2017, in an era where the quote ”content is king” was as relevant as ever. 

Lots have changed since we started, while our mission has remained the same:

To create content that contributes to the user experience on the internet and social media becoming a little more fun and educational.

Better Experiences

We believe everyone deserves to have great digital experiences when scrolling through the feed or searching for online information.

Therefore, we are determined to produce high-quality content that meets the requirements we set at Lasserk.

To achieve this, we always apply the same set of rules: the content must be meaningful from the perspective of our users, and our work can only be published if we are genuinely proud of the result.

Sparking Content Everywhere


Social Media


Lasserk produces unique content in the form of texts, images, and videos that we publish on our websites, social media, and Youtube.

We do things our way


Our Purpose

We love creating digital content that is helpful, engaging, and inspiring to our visitors.

One could say that Lasserk was founded for that very purpose.

Following the growing demand for digital content worldwide, we decided to enter that space creating content our way.

Our Conviction

At Lasserk, we are convinced that passion is the driving force behind the most successful content creations. As a result, we have chosen to operate in the fields where our interests and expertise can play a central role in our daily work.

It allows us to produce high-quality content effortlessly, and it is probably the main factor why our engaging content is consumed by a global audience every day. 

It's Free

One of our core principles is that our content is published on open channels for anyone to consume – completely free.

We do not have a defined target audience, but rather hope that our content is appreciated by people sharing our interests or that it serve as inspiration to anyone visting our channels seeking information.

See you in the digital spaces