About us

A Swedish
Company In Cyberspace

We are a Swedish company creating digital content for the whole world.

Our story

Lasserk is a content agency founded in 2017 to create and produce highly engaging content using innovative techniques and methods. 

We decided that the agency would share our family name, an old name with heritage from northern Sweden, to emphasize that we proudly stand behind everything we publish. 

Initially, we produced ”how-to” videos and guides targeting a Swedish audience, but we changed direction to creating various forms of content for all continents.


Our Mission

Our mission has remained the same since the start:

To create content that contributes to the user experience on the internet and social media becoming a little more fun and educational.

Our Credit Score

In this section, you find the credit score we, Lasserk AB, 559124-6011, have been awarded by Bisnode as per today’s date. 

The credit rating provides a weighted assessment of our creditworthiness in the medium term.

We have chosen to display this to give potential partners and suppliers an independent estimation of our financial position.

CO2 Neutral Websites

We always strive to create content that will make a big impact while carefully monitoring our carbon footprint to keep it as low as possible.

Therefore, we have chosen to participate in carbon-reducing projects to compensate for the CO2 emissions related to the use and hosting of all our websites.

We Value Your Privacy

At Lasserk, we put your privacy first. We do not use any software or cookies to gather personal data or track user behavior, meaning that you comfortably can use all our websites knowing that your data is safe with you. Read more: