Terms of Use

The website’s terms of use.

1. Introduction

Use of the Website is subject to a number of terms and conditions specified below on this webpage. The terms apply between Lasserk AB, organization number 559124-6011 (Lasserk) and you (the User) who visits, or otherwise uses, the website lasserk.se and associated channels. By visiting and using the website lasserk.se, you agree to be bound by and follow our terms.

2. General Information

The website www.lasserk.com is Lasserk’s official website in English. The website is designed to market Lasserk’s services and assets.

3. Revenue Models

Lasserk works according to different revenue models for different business areas.

3.1. If the User is interested in purchasing services from Lasserk that do not have a defined price on the website, the compensation negotiated between the User and Lasserk applies. Lasserk reserves the right not to accept all assignments ordered.

3.2. The user can purchase services from Lasserk for a fixed fee. The services sold for a fixed fee have the price clearly visible in connection with a buy button. Otherwise, consulting fees apply. Lasserk reserves the right to refuse the User to purchase services from Lasserk.

3.3. Lasserk can receive performance-based compensation if the User chooses to perform an action defined in advance through partner links. The document and the payment model, as well as the amount of compensation, are determined between Lasserk and the owner of the partner link, but never cost the User anything extra to use.

4. User obligations

4.1. The user may not use the service in such a way that Lasserk may be harmed. This refers to activities such as data breach, publication of plagiarized material or otherwise use the trademark in ways that may be perceived as offensive.

4.2. The user understands that the website contains so-called partner links.

4.3. The user agrees that he may not distribute material from the website without our permission. However, the user is always welcome to link to relevant sections.

5. Privacy Policy

5.1. How personal data, cookies and security are handled is regulated by Lasserk’s privacy policy.

6. Changes to the terms

6.1. The terms of use may change if necessary. Users who visit and use the service after a change accept the new terms. The last change was made 2021-02-26.

7. Any dispute and applicable law

7.1. Swedish legislation is applied to the terms and any disputes must finally be decided in a Swedish court.

8. Contakt

Postal Address:
Lasserk AB
Nimrodsgatan 12
115 42 Stockholm

Visiting Address:
Artillerigatan 42

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +4670 256 16 30